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LCPA Main Office: (408) 729-2281

Rafael Escalante, Director of Community Engagement & Recruitment


Phone: (408) 729-2282

Cell: (669) 207-6976

Enrollment Timeline

August- May: Application period. Acceptance letters sent out.
June 30th: Application Deadline.
July 15th: Random lottery held, if necessary. Status of application will be mailed to families.

Implementation of Lottery System

When there are more students than available space, a lottery will be implemented. The maximum amount of students that can be admitted per grade level is 150. Once we have reached our limit per grade level, a lottery list will be established. This list is based on a first come first served basis.
Students who submit an application after we have reached our limit will be notified by the Admissions Office and placed in the lottery list. If space opens up, the student applicant will be notified of their acceptance to their first choice school by no later than June 30th.
Students who were denied acceptance to their first choice school will be placed on a “wait list” and or will be given the option to attend any of our other two charter schools. These notifications will occur during the months of June through August.
If you wish to read more about our application process, please download our Student Admissions Policies and Procedures.