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Teacher Spotlight

Name: David Wulff


Physical Education Teacher, Coach & Athletic Director

Take a few minutes to get to know Mr. David Wulff (Coach Wulff)and learn why physical exercise plays a critical role to improved personal health and academic success.

Q: What got you interested in being a physical education teacher and athletic director?

A: Since I can remember, I have been passionate about sports, physical exercise and working with youth. However, it was not until high school that I got interested in coaching. It was then that I surrounded by some amazing coaches/mentors who I admired. They were not only great coaches, but they were role models and father figures who helped me discover my interest for physical education and leading. I soon decided that I wanted to be just like them and impact others in the same way that they impacted me.

Q: Besides your parents, who is one person that has significantly impacted your life?

A:  Gaspar Silvera. He was my coach att West Valley College.  Gasper believed in and motivated me to pursue my dreams of playing competitive collegiate soccer. Prior to him, I doubted whether I can play competitive D1 or D2 soccer. He was not only able to instill confidence in my game, but he instilled character to help me become a better person. It was the relationship that I built with him that has left a lasting impression. Till this day he is a person that I admire.

Q: Did you play any sports in high school or college?

A: Yes, I played soccer and ran track and field at Wilcox High School. While in college, I played 2 years of soccer at West Valley. As a Freshman at West Valley College, I received awards for most improved player and scholar athlete.  After a few seasons, I transferred to Notre Dame De Muir. During my senior year, our team made it to the NCAA National Tournament. For my efforts, I was awarded first team all conference and MVP in 2008.  Aside from soccer, I was also a personal trainer in college.

Q: Are you competitive?

A: (Chuicking) I am too competitive and the kids know it. When I compete in sports I play to win and do not know how to participate casually.  

Q: What was your favorite subject while in high school?

A: PE no doubt about it. I had a growth mindset in many subjects, but loved PE. When I was in my Senior year, I took 4 PE classes.  I loved physical education so much, that I went on to study Kinesiology in college.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

A: The relationships with the kids and the staff member are great, but seeing the students develop and become healthy in all areas of their life is the best feeling.  Also, seeing the kids go on to college and do well in life is amazing. Knowing that I’ve been an integral part of helping students get into college, is rewarding.

Q: Why is exercising and staying active so important?

A: Exercise improves body, mind (cognitive function), mood and attitude. When we move our bodies, we releases chemicals that make us feel better. Social, emotional and physical health is improved when we stay active.  

Q: What are some ways that our students and families can do to stay in shape and live healthier lifestyles?

A: Hiking, biking, walking, running, sports, etc. Sports teams and memberships to gyms such as the YMCA are great ways to stay active and healthy. There is not a lot needed to work out. It starts with what works for the individual.

Q: How do you motivate students to engage in physical activity?

A: Regardless of where you are at, it is all about inclusion and it is not about being the best or the most athletic. Everyone needs to learn about functional movements and how to be healthy. It’s vital to have a healthy heart and the skills to keep yourself healthy. In my class, students learn to be healthy and they have fun doing it. Students are not being evaluated on their physical level or athleticism, but more so on efforts and improvement.  The goal is to create healthy, vibrant students with high self esteem.  

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