The Foundation for Hispanic Education:
The Foundation for Hispanic Education was established in 1981 as a product of the late Dr. B. Roberto Cruz’s vision of providing quality education and support for all underserved learners, with a focus on Latino students. Serving the East San Jose community for over 30 years, The Foundation for Hispanic Education currently operates the Center for Latino Education and Innovation and three charter high schools- Latino College Preparatory Academy and Luis Valdez Leadership Academy- and has now opened its third charter high school, Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy.
Charter School Committee:
The Foundation for Hispanic Education has delegated responsibility for the operation and oversight of its charter schools to The Charter School Committee. The Foundation has dedicated members of the Charter School Committee who work diligently together to foster improvements. 
Charter School Committee Members:





Edward Alvarez

The Foundation for Hispanic Education


Ray Ruiz

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President & CEO

Ramon Jimenez


Orthopedic Surgeon

Maria Schabbing

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Jose Iglesias


Executive Consultant & Independent Director

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